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I Enjoyed this game !

A fun game with different mechanics... I liked the game xD

This is a very cool idea. I had fun playing it and I can easily see this grow into something really awesome. 

Starts at 18:30

This idea is amazing and i can see it going far! Can't wait to see how you build on it and hope you enjoy the video. ((I lay down some ideas of my own. feel free to use them!))

Yours is the first game

funny game :D

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awesome game! i had a lot of fun and jumpscare in this game. i wish it was a bit long but even it is short it was fun.
i also like that you can also be a voice actor in this game lol.
more power to the devs and this game!

Scary game with an awesome mechanic, good job hope you like the custom thumbnail.

Why is everything gray?

Vaya impresionante juego de terror, también es tan divertido,  ¡Muy Buen Juego! 10/10

YouTuber: PatrickGame

This was so much fun! You have a golden idea here! I'd love to see it expanded on eventually, but as it stands it's still a great experience! 

this was a pretty dope game I think the ghost scared me almost everytime 😂 the whole mic thing was cool I had some rage playing this lol. Starts @8:04 

Not reading the description really made my playthrough a lot more fun hahaha:

Beautiful concept, we loved messing around with the sounds

This game was amazing. I may have had a bit more fun than I should have!

Hey, i'm one of the devs, thanks a lot for your video, we're happy that you had fun :) 

i had so much fun with this game 


Could not find that 4th key but man i love how unique this 1 is, the whole mic idea was brilliant and i had waaay too much fun with it lol hope you enjoy my gameplay here it is :

look my video ...look 4 key :P

Don't mind if i do haha